Universities Accreditation Department

The primary role of Universities Accreditation Department is to assure that all HEIs conform to predetermined institutional and programme accreditation standards developed by AQACHEI including all basic fields of knowledge which are periodically updated in respect of the new trends of general expectations of higher education in Jordan. This result in enhancing institutions potential to meet the needs of local, regional and global market.

Furthermore, the department is responsible for the following:

– Providing HEIs’ academic and administrative staff with the guidance in understanding and applying the accreditation standards.

-Developing all templates needed for both institutional and programme accreditation process.

-Providing the local community and stakeholders with updated data as an implication for them to get acquainted with accredited institutions and programmes in the kingdom.

-Providing the Commission Board with updated data related to faculty members to help as a pool of experts for the constitution of committees who are usually assigned by the Board to review accreditation and post accreditation procedures.

-Processing the data provided by the HEIs to serve as statistics that can be utilized as studies which provide intrinsic implications on the status of all HEIs and their provisions.